Giantslayer 5e

Session 3

Orcs Attack!

Patrol Sergeant Omast Frum ran up to the outsiders as the Inner Quarter portcullis was raised and handed them a prize from one of the fallen thugs – an inscribed silver wedding band. Jagrin barked orders for the outsiders to take the left flank while he and his defenders took the right flank against the rapidly approaching worg-riding orcs. The portcullis clanged shut behind the defenders who were able to defeat the unorganized orcs. Jagrin took his band of civilians and soldiers toward the entrance to the Lower Quarter while the outsiders headed to the Hopespring Beacon to light it.

The beacon was being guarded by a charmed Trunau soldier and a number of orcs who were led by a fiercesome orc named Kagak. Kagak used his magical abilities to confound and harm the outsiders who easily took out the regular orcs. Only when they ganged up on Kagak were they able to take him down. Realizing that something was amiss with the beacon, the outsiders avoided blowing up the pyre entirely by removing the worst of the accelerant that Kagak had applied, and were successful in lighting it. A chorus of cheers went up from the defenders, but the signal coincided with the arrival of the hill giant Crusher and his orc handlers Urnsul and Vorom. Jagrin and his band took on the giant while the outsiders took on the berserking orcs. Having handled that threat, Jagrin ordered all to withdraw to the relative safety of the Inner Quarter.

The remaining hill giant continued to launch boulders at the towers along the upper ridge while the townsfolk rested, and one such attack broke open a long-sealed tunnel in the cliffside. When the giant turned its attention to the Inner Quarter gates, Jagrin quickly launched a counterattack against it. Sensing something important was contained within the cliffside, the outsiders broke off from the attack and entered the cavern. They picked their way past several dangers and found themselves in an old hill giant burial chamber where the desiccated corpses of three recently-slain orcs gave them pause.



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