Giantslayer 5e

Session 2

A House Divided

The outsiders kept the crumpled note found on the Freedom Town thugs while they searched for the druid Silvermane near the pool at the base of the Hopespring. Realizing the futility of searching for a shapeshifter who obviously didn't want to be found, they tried to go out of the main gates in order to seek out the Plague House but were rebuffed by the guards. So they split up to search around town for the missing Kurst Grath. He was discovered sitting behind the Ramblehouse in an overwrought state about the loss of his older brother. He was finally persuaded to get up and speak to the gate guards, allowing the outsiders to pass beyond into the foggy night in pursuit of their Plague House lead.

The warnings about the haunted Plague House turned out to be partly true. Dilapidated and burned floors and walls barely supported the roof above, but the outsiders quickly found stairs leading below ground to the extensive basement where they encountered the outlaw half-orc Daktani and his ogre friend, Ghaer. They laid the ogre low and struck an accord with the wily Daktani when he provided information about the army's leader, Skreed Gorewillow (aka the Black Pyrist), in exchange for his skin. Returning to town they just had time to divulge their findings to Halgra and rest before midnight. 

At the appointed time, the orc slave Virox the Mouthpiece returned and called for the druid to no avail. The poor wretch then immolated himself and used the inferno to destroy the watchtowers and gate, consuming himself in the process. The defenders sprang into action amid the blaring of war horns and the peals of thunder ringing overhead from the approaching storm. Halgra ordered the beacons be lit. The orcs started coming through the gates in ragged bands as Jagrin gathered the nearby outsiders and several capable others to charge down and light the last remaining beacon in the Lower Quarter. Along the way, the outsiders rescued first Agrit and then Patrol Sergeant Omast Frum from more Freedom Town thugs. Jagrin shouted for the outsiders to join him at the gates to the Lower Quarter as orcish worg-riders approached from the far side with murderous intent.



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