Giantslayer 5e

Session 19

Nargrym's Defiled Tomb

The group proceeded within Nargrym's Tomb, exploring the Viewing Chamber first before moving beyond it into the Chamber of Memory. There, they discovered that they were not alone when they witnessed the defamation of the panels and plaques. That is where they learned the name of the defiler, also. Continuing their exploration, they came upon the Chamber of Prayers and observed the bas-relief panel was ajar, discovering the secret stairs descending to the Sepulcher. They opted instead to continue exploring the upper level and came upon the ruined Reliquary. A crossbow trap caught them unawares as they entered the chamber, but even more so was the summoning circle that brought forth magical darkness and a pair of shadow demons into their midst! A daylight spell erased the protection of the darkness and blinded the shadow demons which were subsequently vanquished. 

A baleful cry came from the Viewing Chamber, alerting the group to the presence of Lokmorr in the next room. The betrayer was encased in a full suit of shadowed dwarven plate armor, and he was incensed that he was unable to walk out of the tomb despite no obvious means barring him from doing so. He turned his aggressions on the group, hoping to force one to submit to his possession. He was aided by swarms of poisonous snakes who attacked the group and kept them at bay. His attempts to possess the group ultimately failed, and he was laid low by the group's combined might. Within the suit of magical armor was an emaciated, broken, soul of a dwarf. His right hand had been replaced with an ornate, gray, steel hand. Shoved in his vambrace was a platinum beard clasp with a wisp of red beard still within it. The group proceeded downstairs and paid their respects to the fallen dwarven hero. They discerned that Lokmorr broke his body to escape his prison, feasted on whatever he could whenever he could (including the body of Nargrym), and had looted the body of Nargrym for its relics including the hand. The group did their best to return the tomb to its original state before departing and resealing the entrance. 

The two remaining members of Anvel's Fourfold Company announced their intentions to depart for Trunau and then home to Kraggodan. The two groups said goodbye and parted ways the next morning. Our heroes headed west along the ridge toward Shinnerman's Fortune. A few days later they came upon an old settlement long abandoned, except now it had become a base for a group of raiders. A hill giant, an ogre, and an orc were watching the camp when the group approached. The fight was brief but powerful. After the sun went down the group noticed the ruined tower was lit from within and went to investigate. The mysterious lights were caused by a pair of immortal flameskulls who defended the old tower at night. The group was able to temporarily vanquish the undead guardians, but they heard the approach of more enemies and magically hid their tracks in order to move away and camp elsewhere.



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